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Ideal for Heating Virtually any Liquid

Using microwave energy as the heat source, the AMTek Microwave Heated Vessel System utilizes volumetric heating, which heats all of your product at the same time. Volumetric heating eliminates surface overheating and burning associated with conductive heating methods. This innovative system provides fast, efficient, uniform heating of products. It is ideal for heating everything from vegetable oil to salsa, soups to purees. When combined with our PLC controls package, you can define the heating profile required to achieve outstanding results batch after batch.

Flexible Installation and Custom Design

AMTek takes your installation requirements and provides a complete system layout, detailing vessel location, utility requirements, and location within your facility. We can integrate optional add-on equipment into your design and layout as well.

We know how important it is for your system to be up and running at all times. For that very reason, AMTek carries a full line of spare parts for all your microwave system needs. You will find that we are determined to provide you with the parts you need, when you need them.

Vessel Systems Include:

The system is constructed of stainless steel and rated for full washdown.

A positive displacement pump and/or mechanical mixer will ensure uniform heating of your entire batch, reducing waste and eliminating overheating.