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Control Systems

AMTek’s ideal for being an OEM supplier of control systems. AMTek’s complete engineering capabilities are useful in meeting any of our customer’s specifications or requirements. The control systems is a perfect compliment to the industrial microwave business.

We have been designing and building custom control systems to support our core product line.

At AMTek we produce control systems with each customer’s specific requirements in mind. AMTek will assist in the design/layout of the control assembly using the latest available technology to meet our customer’s needs. AMTek’s control systems are manufactured to a level of quality second to none.

Key Features:

  • AMTek implements complete finger safe construction on all components
  • AMTek’s labeling of all components and wires for easy troubleshooting
  • AMTek’s in house laser cutter/CNC router capabilities allows us to customize doors and back panels to meet any of the customer’s layout requirements
  • AMTek’s design usage of buss bar provides for a cleaner panel and a higher amp rating
  • AMTek’s custom laser cut front graphics can meet customer’s exact visual requirements
  • AMTek produces UL/CE control systems for their own line of industrial food processing systems
  • AMTek supplied documentation of the entire assembly/schematics
  • AMTek offers PLC software development to our customer’s specific needs
  • Adds flexibility to processing by allowing tempering on demand
  • AMTek has the ability to design products to fit your needs or meet the customer’s specifications